Results — Helping Me, Helping You

See below the power poll results for "Helping Me, Helping You". Have Fun!

  1. In the past year (12 months) how often has a friend with a problem asked you for help?
    • number of votes = 372
  2. Did you feel confident that you knew how to help your friend/s?
    • number of votes = 368
  3. After completing this module of work do you feel confident you would be able to help your friend/s if they came to you needing support?
    • number of votes = 366
  4. Now that you have completed this module do you feel more confident you could find support for yourself if you needed it?
    • number of votes = 368
  5. How would you be most likely to access support if you needed it?
    • number of votes = 362
  6. Can you think of a time when you asked for help and it made things better?
    • number of votes = 364
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