The internet and other forms of technology are wonderful and exciting learning and socialising tools for our children. However, when used inappropriately they can cause great harm and distress.

By being proactive, the risks of harm from technology can be greatly reduced. Here are some quick tips to help you create a family agreement about technology use. It’s all about relationships! Keep talking with your children about their use of technology and what they love about it.  

  • Ask questions…before offering solutions or judging. As parents we often want to just solve the problem for our children as quickly as possible. Young people have told us they want the opportunity to at least try to solve technology problems by themselves. It is important to support their efforts to develop their own problem-solving skills.
  • Try to stay up to date. It is difficult to keep up to date, especially when there are so many other commitments pulling on your time. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to ask your child what is the latest site they like going to on the Internet or what Apps everyone’s using on their mobiles at the moment? Try to make a time once every few weeks to quickly google the latest website your child has discussed with you and see what it is all about yourself. more information
  • Remember it’s your space just as much as it is their space. It is important to still play the role of parent, even if your child does know more than you about technology. There are important lessons you can teach your child and of course the setting of boundaries is of critical importance in this environment.  

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