Setting Parental Controls

Setting parental controls on devices help monitor and limit what your child does online.
Please select your device from the list below to access instructions to set your parental control.

Desktop and Laptop Computers

PC/Microsoft Windows: To set up parental controls on your Windows computer, it is   recommended to set up a separate account for your child. This way, you can apply   individual settings to this acccount without affecting your own account. 

Apple Mac OS: Apple's OSX Parental Control that allows to make changes to your settings to help manage, monitor and control how much time your child spends on your Mac.


Apple Devices including iPhones, iPads and iPods: Apple's parental controls are also known as "Restrictions" and you can set specific restrictions to limit or even block certain apps and features on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Android Devices:  Android Smartphones (e.g. Samsung, HTC) version of the App Store is know as Google Play - where users have access to download and purchase apps, music, games and video content. To restrict the content that your child can download or purchase, adjust your parental controls in Google Play.

Web browsers

Google Chrome:  There are a number of parental controls on Google’s web browser, Chrome, that allows you to adjust settings based on different profiles for your family to browse the Internet safely.

Chrome functions include:

Mozilla Firefox:  This web browser automatically sets itself to 'Prefer:Safe' mode, based on the parental settings that are installed on your computer. If you prefer more tailored settings, you may set additional controls using the Web filtering extensions.

Internet Explorer: Allows you to set and filter specific offensive content such as langauge, nudity, sex and violence. You also have the option to blacklist sites completely. Adjust your settings under the Tools Menu, under Content Advisor. Instructions can   be found here and here.

Microsoft Family Safety provides the ability to manage, monitor and control your children’s online activity, This includes viewing different activity reports on sites and and games that have been accessed.