This Cyber Savvy curriculum was developed to provide students with a range of knowledge and skills to enable them to make safe and respectful decisions when sharing images online.  The curriculum is divided into four modules that address a) the legal issues surrounding the sharing of images; b) privacy and digital reputation, c) receiving and providing support when needed, and d) critical thinking in a cyber-environment.

These modules comprise of seven 50-60 minute lesson plans.  Click on the modules below to access detailed information and support materials for each of these learning activities.

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Introduction to the Cyber Savvy Project and Curriculum

Module 1: My Online Status 

Lesson Plan 1.1: The online/offline myth 

Lesson Plan 1.2: Relationships 

Module 2: Reality Bites

Lesson Plan 2.1: Awareness of laws 

Lesson Plan 2.2: Bystander behaviour 

Module 3: Helping Me, Helping You 

Lesson Plan 3.1: Challenge and response

Lesson Plan 3.2: Online and offline support

Module 4: Taking Control 

Lesson Plan 4.1: Managing myself