Social media has significantly influenced how people communicate and interact socially,especially young people. It is seeping into all aspects of modern life, including the classroom. Social media use presents ‘new legal, ethical and professional challenges for teachers and school administrators’ (Russo,Squelch & Varnham, 2010).

In this video clip listen to Prof. Donna Cross describe the content of this module on professional conduct.

The following short video, developed by the Department of Justice (Victoria, Australia), explains key elements of their social media policy. It identifies the importance of understanding the guidelines and policies that govern professional conduct for your position, and has relevancy for staff in all professions and states of Australia.

VictoriaGovDOJTV, Social Media Policy. (Uploaded: 26 April 2016)

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Relevant Reading

The NSW Education and Community Social Media policy was developed to provide department employees with clear guidelines on the standards of use when engaging online for official, professional and personal use. This policy is available to read here.